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Carly is the founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Travels. 

At the core of her creative practice, Carly is passionate about Directing and Producing Cause-Focused Theatre, that is, theatre that is a call to action and can be used as an educational tool to change minds and attitudes, or to call on change. 

As a producer, Carly's focus centres on bringing debut works to stages in new markets and seeks new writers and performances ready to make their Sydney, Australian and even World premieres. Carly also prioritises telling the stories of real, empowered women in Theatre Travels productions. 

Carly freelances as a Director and Producer as well and in 2022 focused on working with Australian female writers making their playwriting debuts. 

When not making shows, Carly is an avid traveller, a musical theatre nerd and loves to binge a TV show. 


As well as this, Carly is a theatre reviewer and publisher of the Theatre Travels reviewing arm. 

Carly holds a Masters in PR and Advertising and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies, both from UNSW with distinction.

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