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Based in Sydney on Gadigal Country, I'm a

Registered Civil Celebrant ready to make your dream day an even better reality!

Get in touch at

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The best part about being a marriage celebrant for me is that no two weddings are ever the same.

As someone who has grown up loving and working in live theatre, that sits just perfectly for me - it's why I love theatre more than TV or film - it can never be repeated, each moment has to be totally unique. 

Whether you're after a long romantic ceremony, or one that's fast and fun, I'm your gal! 

What Makes a Ceremony Perfect?

To me, a perfect ceremony is one that relishes in the minute details. I'm here to get to learn all about your journey together and then to get to tell it as the perfect love story.

I'll ask you questions about each other, about how you met, about the moment that you know that this was forever, and then I will work my speech writer magic to deliver a perfect tale to share with you friends and family on the big day. 


Most importantly, I want your day to be full of fun and full of laughter

Fun Fact: 

I became a Marriage Celebrant to officiate my dad and step-dad's wedding 

Our little Schitt's Creek moment (IYKYK)

I instantly fell in love with it! 

I have been public speaking my whole life (competitively too!) and absolutely love weddings...I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!

Each of the ceremonies that I write is personal, carefully curated to include as much as one could possibly learn about you two, entertaining, charismatic and uniquely yours. 

A Little Bit More...

For those looking for a little Jewish flair to their wedding, I've got you covered! 

For many couples, finding ways to include friends ​and family in the ceremony is a challenge but is something that they would really like to do. I specialise in including all those that mean something to you into the ceremony. 

As a Theatre Director and Producer with the rest of my non-celebrant time, you can imagine that I've read a few plays and poems in my time. I'm happy to help you find readings and poems to recite, or songs to have performed - whatever you want, I'm here to make it happen! I've written candle ceremonies and found unique ways to tie in cultural and religious elements into weddings where requested. 

Though I know the most about ceremonial inclusions and rituals that stem from Judaism, I am always eager to learn more about cultural rituals and inclusions that you would like in your wedding and that hold significance to you and your family.

Whilst I am qualified to perform all celebrant services, I focus on weddings and vow renewals. If you are looking for any other types of services, please get in touch - I am happy to chat! 

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Image Credit: Captured by Claudine 

Image Credit: Captured by Claudine 

For Every Ceremony, My Services Include: 

- Planning and performing your perfect ceremony
- All the legal stuff - don't worry, I've got you covered

- All the admin...let's not let your big day get bogged down with paperwork - I'll take care of it all!

In Addition, Every Ceremony Includes:

- As many additional ceremonial components as you would like 
(readings, cultural ceremonies, etc)

- Unlimited call / email access ahead of your ceremony so you can ask any questions you like

- Time spent together so that I can really get to know you to make your ceremony personal

- Suitable dress and attire...including themed ceremonies. You ask for it, I'll wear it! 

- Included travel within 30km of the Sydney CBD
(small additional fee for other locations)

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